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No matter what your sport, Private Training's Strength & Conditioning Specialist will break down the energy system, muscular strength components, bio mechanical and technical aspects of any sport and prepare you to gain a new edge on your competition. When The Dallas Cowboy's 3-Time All Pro Nose Tackle needed extra help with his off season training program, he employed Private Training to do just that.

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Private Training
Sport & Fitness

We design and direct PT Sport & Fitness programs to enhance the performance of a wide variety of athletes who are looking for performance at the optimal level. He has prepped elite athletes; to ascend the heights of Mt Everest, to battle in the UFC octagon, to dominate on the NFL field, to compete in the MLB, NHL and NBA arenas. Private Training's programs has also helped non-athletes take on and conquer their initial sport or activity goal like a 5K or marathon, or even an improved golf game.


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